Zain Haider Awan

Zain is a multi-award winning advocate, social commentator and creative producer. He has been featured on Sky News, BBC World, DAZED, University of Cambridge, Kings College and the Metro. His work as a creative producer started at the age of 16 where he curated his first art exhibition ‘Project Snapback’ exploring young British Muslim identity in Cambridgeshire. He was featured as one of the artists for the Beauty of Being British Asian exhibition at the Truman brewery. In 2017, Zain co-founded the Grand Trunk Project, a nationwide initiative to build bridges amongst communities affected by 1947 through creative arts and discussions. Currently an artist in residence for Metal, Zain is working on creating a documentation and exhibition of the memories, thoughts and lives of the first wave of Pakistani migrants to his home city of Peterborough. His recent show A Foreign Policy, gave the stage to three British Pakistani storytellers to examine ideas and feelings most local to them and foreign to many.

Recipient of the Malcolm X young person of the year award, he was acclaimed by the Young People of the Year Award as a ‘testament that young people can change the world.’ His style has been described as ‘deeply intimate’, ‘moving’ and ‘thought-provoking’.

When Zain is not writing, he’s usually posting nonchalantly on his Instagram... @zain.speaks