Danya Jafri

Outreach Team

Danya Jafri is an undergraduate student at Barnard College of Columbia University studying Physiological and Organismal Biology. Her research interests focus on early and pre-cancer detection and treatment, centered in Myelodysplastic Syndrome. As the Ahlul Bayt (as) Chair for Columbia MSA, Danya serves as a liaison for the collective Shi’a voice on campus through year-round student and speaker-led events and community building programs. As the co-founder of Thaqalayn Initiative— an effort created to help Shi’a students institutionalize Shi’a representation on college campuses— Danya and her partners have worked with a myriad of North American colleges and universities to establish Shi’a leadership in a variety of forms. Additionally, she remains active in her local community in Connecticut and mentors in the Ma’rifa Seekers and Scholars program. In her spare time, Danya enjoys diving into Urdu poetry, Shi’a gnostic studies, and painting. She considers both New York and Connecticut home.